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With the media seemingly awash with stories about how the UK may be facing a pensions crisis and the increased likelihood of individuals experiencing significant and comfort-challenging reductions in their income levels at retirement, the need for professional advice has never been more important.

Most private sector final salary related schemes are closed to new members, and workers outside the public sector are facing an increasing and unwelcome responsibility for taking control of their own retirement planning.

When all these factors are considered against the backdrop of people in the UK living longer and experiencing uncertain economic conditions, it is vital that individuals receive accurate advice and forward plan to make provision for their retirement. This should involve an estimation of the size of fund necessary to generate the income that they foresee will be needed, how much they need to save to reach this goal, but more importantly, the correct structuring of benefits at retirement and the best vehicles and investments to deliver these requirements.

Pensions come in a variety of shapes and sizes as might be expected. We specialise in providing professional advice to employers, employees and self-employed professionals to help ensure that wherever possible, retirement does not necessarily mean uncomfortable financial compromises and disappointment.

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